Wednesday 28 June 2017
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On Your Marks Get Set, Startup!

In many ways starting a business is a lot like a participating in a race. There will be people you need to beat if you want to seize first place. First place on the market means that you will have taken most of the demand and claimed the interest of investors. If you can do this, then your company has a great shot at success. But for that to happen, you need to make sure you’re starting off in the right position. We’ve got some tips on how to do that.

Keep Your Team Small

One of the most important factors of your new company is the team and whether or not you have people on your staff who you can count on. That’s why we recommend you keep the number of people in your company quite small, at least at first. If you do this, you reduce the chances of there being any weak links in your company. You must know that you can count on the people working for you and with you. If you’re running a startup, there should only be four people in your business. Any more than that and it becomes a “too many cooks” scenario.


Cheapen The Deal

It’s important that you figure out ways of reducing the costs in your new business. One possibility that you should certainly consider is to run your business online. If you run your business online, then you can work from home. This saves you the costs of opening an office or renting a space. As well as this, it will allow you to reduce your energy bills. Any costs that involve your business at home will also be substituted through taxation.

Marketing Madness

A vital part of your business is the marketing. You need to be participating in the promotion of your business straight away. It’s not enough to just write a few posts on social media. Or, release a few tweets. You need to be as active as possible on every platform. One possibility that is certainly worth considering is attending a tradeshow. If you visit, you’ll be able to find out everything you need to know about making your attendance have an impact. It all starts with the design of your stall. When you attend a tradeshow, you have the massive opportunity of making your company the next big thing.

Give Your Customers What They Want

When your business opens on the market, you’re not going to be the only company providing the product or service that you’re offering. There’s going to be hundreds of other businesses offering the same or a similar product. The question then becomes how do you make sure customers want to buy yours. The answer is perception. Customers need to perceive your product as the one that they want or need. You’ll have to make sure that it stands out and is the one that they take notice of. As you can imagine, a big part of this is how you market the product.


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